As a S.F. native, of course I've visited many of California's Spanish-era Franciscan missions before and since, beginning with elementary school field trips to Mission Dolores, but the bulk of these photos were taken during an intense month-long solo road trip to visit ALL from north to south in October 2009 - MY "mission mission." Prior to this trip I had entered very few missions' interiors, primarily just visited their grounds. Aside from the two within California State Parks, they still serve their communities. I also visited sub-missions (asistencias) and way stations (estancias) that were part of the mission chain, except for Santa Margarita de Cortona Asistencia (on private land in Santa Margarita), San Francisco Xavier Estancia (no trace at Castaic Junction), Santa Ysabel Asistencia (no trace, just a plaque on a 1923 church in Santa Ysabel) and Las Flores Estancia (inaccessible in Camp Pendleton). I learned a LOT about church architecture and function, the intent of the missions, individual mission histories, and restoration efforts of past and present while enjoying optimal weather for a road trip and visiting friends in Santa Cruz, San Luis Obispo and Orange County.